Stay Fit Tips from a New York Met

By Rashel, Monti and Geneva

The EATWISE interns had an amazing opportunity to meet the New York Mets’ Curtis Granderson and attend a Mets game. We also had the chance to ask Curtis a few questions about smart eating and staying fit. He shared some of the advice he typically gives to aspiring teenage athletes. For instance, in order to perform well it’s important to always have fun and stay hydrated.

Curtis also talked about his performance on the field and explained the benefits of eating healthy before a game. His advice: pack a nutritious lunch such as a peanut butter sandwich, fresh fruit, and/or mixed nuts; always have snacks on hand; and drink plenty of water.

To make sure you are drinking enough water, Curtis offered a great tip. Divide your weight in half—that is the minimum number of ounces of water you should drink daily. We really enjoyed our time with Curtis. He was insightful, inspiring and made it a great experience. Go Mets!


Rashel, Monti and Geneva are Ambassadors for EATWISE (Educated and Aware Teens Who Inspire Smart Eating), a Food Bank for New York City nutrition education program.