Rachael, Lacrosse Co-Captain

Age and school?

I am 17 and I attend Curtis High School.


Sport(s) and role (captain, position, etc.)

Girls Lacrosse – Co-Captain, Offense


What do you eat to prepare for a game (or race, etc.)?

As a snack, I eat an orange and big handful of nuts like almonds and sunflower seeds about an hour before the game starts.


How does proper nutrition help you perform?

Getting proper nutrition before I play really helps me perform both in practice and games because it gives me the energy I need to run up and down the field. Eating the right snack before a game also gives me one less thing to worry about because I can focus on the game and not on stomach aches or feeling tired.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a coach?

The team always makes fun of our coach for telling us to “Trust the System”. He constantly stresses this motto during the season because if we train hard, listen to directions, and execute like he tells us, we can rely on “the system” to pay off.


What advice do you have for other high school athletes about eating and nutrition?

If you “have a lot on your plate” schedule-wise, you need to make sure the food on your actual plate gives you the energy you need to power through it!