Pro Athlete Melanie Oudin


Written by Hadley Tamburo via Teen Vogue

Melanie spills on what she does to keep her routine interesting, how she makes time for family and friends, and how she keeps herself in tip-top shape!


The youngest American Grand Slam quarter finalist since Serena Williams, Melanie Oudin—who’s only 20—has been playing tennis since the tender age of seven. She’s constantly on the go, competing in tournaments, perfecting her skill, and working out to maintain her athletic physique. Having participated in a number of different tournaments over the last couple of years, she’s been able to work with, and compete against, the best in the tennis world.Melanie is a champion both on and off the court, and if you’re anything like her—juggling friends, family, and sports—you know how stressful it is to manage it all! The talented tennis star gives you the details on her fitness routine, motivation and how she balances it all.


How did you start playing tennis?

I started when I was seven, with my grandmother and my twin sister. I played in the neighborhood courts. When I was ten, I saw Venus and Serena Williams and I told my mom that I wanted to be like them. Then it just kind of happened! I was disciplined, I sacrificed a lot of things, but kept doing it because I loved the game and I ended up turning pro at sixteen.


What is your routine like now? How often are you practicing?

I’m practicing for four hours on the court a day and lately I’ve been doing two and half hours of fitness—a morning session and an afternoon session.


And what are your favorite go-to beauty/fitness products?

For beauty products, I usually use Neutrogena—their moisturizer and their sunscreen—and then I take USANA supplements, especially the Booster-C. That’s really good for energy and keeping you healthy on the road.


Do you have any big, upcoming tournaments that you’re getting ready for?

I’m going to be playing Miami in two weeks in the Sony Ericsson.


What kind of things do you do to keep yourself focused and motivated—especially for important events?

I do fun activities when I’m not playing tennis, like going to movies or shopping with my friends. That way, the next day, I can be ready to play tennis one hundred percent again.


Is it hard for you to maintain a balance of a social life and work, with all that you have going on? What do you do to try and maintain that balance?

It can be hard, but you have to make sure you find a good balance of work and social life. You definitely don’t want to make it tennis 24/7 or you can get burnt out. If you make a new goal every day for practice or for personal fitness, it keeps things fresh. I still love playing every day.


What do you do to stay in shape?

I do things like running and biking to stay in shape. I started taking kickboxing—which is really fun—and have taken a couple of Zumba classes, too. And then practice on the court, of course.