No, Seriously. Eat Breakfast!

no, seriously. eat breakfast!


By Russell, Nehemah, Annum

Do you eat breakfast every day? A granola bar or an apple in the morning can make all the difference! Breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day. Do you know what breakfast means?  Breakfast literally means when you “break your fast” from the night before.

Breakfast helps to increase concentration.  Breakfast also increases your energy to seize the day. One drawback of skipping breakfast is eating too much later in the day. This leads to weight gain.  Studies have shown kids who eat breakfast do better in school than kids who don’t. There are many examples of ideal breakfast foods.  Some of these are (but aren’t limited to): milk, oatmeal, eggs and fruit. Basically breakfast should be high in carbs, rich in nutrients and low in fat. Although it may be tempting, don’t have an energy drink or double shot latte. The caffeine may give you energy but it doesn’t have the nutrients you need for a well rounded breakfast. Also, it probably has lots of added sugars, which you definitely don’t need.

Having breakfast everyday isn’t hard, a little bit of time and effort beforehand can help you make the breakfast you need for the day. Don’t have enough time?  The easiest thing to do is to buy a healthy breakfast, like an apple and yogurt.