Make Popcorn a Healthy Snack

By Shaquasia, Albert & Nicole

Are you trying to #ChangeOneThing? Here at EATWISE we practice what we preach so we wanted to give you some quick and easy tips to make small changes in what you eat, which will lead to better health.

Popcorn is a good example of changing an unhealthy snack into a healthy snack. A “regular size” movie theatre popcorn can have 1,200 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat! Try our microwave popcorn hack to healthy, whole grain popcorn quickly and easily. Just pour 2 tablespoons plain popcorn kernels into a paper lunch bag, fold over the top twice and microwave for about 2 minutes (or until popping slows to a few seconds between pops). This popcorn has only 30 calories per cup and is full of fiber!

If plain popcorn doesn’t appeal to you try adding (to add pour the seasonings into your paper bag and shake!)

  • A small amount of olive oil, grated Parmesan cheese and black pepper
  • Hot sauce and a dash of coarse sea salt
  • Nutritional yeast, a vegan source of vitamin B-12, for cheesy flavor
  • Chop herbs like rosemary and thyme super small and sprinkle over popcorn

Invite your friends over for movie night and serve them your healthy, homemade popcorn. It will taste so good they won’t even know they are making a healthy change!

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