Eating Healthy on Small Change

by Nicole and Bella
Have you ever felt hungry but were low on cash? Well, you can eat healthfully without spending a lot of money—and get big benefits in the process. Say you have $5. What can you buy that’s filling and affordable? Although choices may seem limited, you have more of a variety than you think. Instead of picking up that bag of chips, why not go for a nutritious snack like fruit? It’s a great source of energy and offers a lot of potential health benefits. For example, you can buy a banana or apple for less than a dollar. Bananas are high in potassium and can help your immune system. On the other hand, apples are high in vitamins and good for your brain and heart. You can get other healthy snacks, too. A great choice is a granola bar. It can cost as little as a dollar depending on where you buy it. Or, instead of a granola bar, try unsalted plantain chips or nuts if they are available. These tasty treats can be about $2. Finally, you can get water for a dollar. These are just a few examples of healthy snacks that are good, filling and cheap.