By Annie, Alondra and Jaynaba

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What is EATWISE?

We are a group of teens who are empowered to make a difference in our communities. We inform others about their food choices and try to make New York City healthier and have healthy food accessible to everyone. This summer we are focusing on Health and Nutrition, Food Justice, and Poverty in order to bring awareness about the amount of hunger and food insecurity throughout the city.

We work throughout the five different boroughs in the city, and give back by working at food pantries, soup kitchen and community farms. We recently worked with another teen group at Bedstuy Campaign Against Hunger, and plan on presenting nutrition workshops for children and adults.

Do you know anyone who has suffered with food insecurity?

Food insecurity is when people don’t have access to the food they need; there might be days when families don’t have enough to eat. Hunger is a huge problem in New York City, with 1.4 million New Yorkers relying on soup kitchens and food pantries to eat. We hope to bridge the gap between those who have the resources they need and those who don’t. Since we are a part of Food Bank we have the opportunity to work with the food pantries and soup kitchens throughout the city. Through these resources, we can directly reach those who need help.

We are faced with decisions every day, and for most of us, one of those decisions revolves around healthier choices in our eating habits. Our mission is to first help the population of those who need food, and then to help them make healthier choices about what they eat. In order to bring awareness to health and nutrition, we create workshops to reach both children and adults.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, so you can help those around you who may be dealing with food insecurities, and so you can learn more about how to make your own healthy choices!